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  • They say I could only put 2 units! But f@ck the council, I putta 5 Thumbnail
  • I puta concrete everywhere! even inside! Thumbnail
  • Don't give me no directsh! I give'a directsh! Thumbnail
  • What'a you got to buy fish'a fish'a I catch fish'a off the peir! Thumbnail
  • I have'a rash'a here it's look like a schnitzel Thumbnail
  • When I was' born I drive home from the hospital Thumbnail
  • When I come to Australia I drive 'ere! Thumbnail
  • This vagisil is'a shampoo or conditioner? Thumbnail
  • I gotta special poison it'sa kill even the concrete Thumbnail
  • Open your ears...  You see the lights is'a green?! Thumbnail
  • My wife she'sa little bit elephante Thumbnail
  • I gott map in 'ere! Thumbnail
  • F@rk the GPS... I'ma the GPS! Thumbnail
  • F@rk the council... I'ma the council! Thumbnail
  • I was one time drive'a 3 kilometres in 3 kilometres! Thumbnail
  • Bring me one girla 'ere... I fix em up Thumbnail
  • Scusa me, you have'a the pino?... Pino silveestre Thumbnail
  • Where'sa the hook for the salami? Thumbnail
  • This'a stupid f@rken house not even have'a lemon tree! Thumbnail
  • you know when I was'a you're age my daddy bash'a me up if I was'a sick Thumbnail
  • Ah that'a cheap'a priiiice! Thumbnail
  • The lax''a Lax'a, the one for make'a the toilet! Thumbnail
  • Look'a this'a one he drive like'a chiniss! Thumbnail
  • What do you think'a you drive'a the formula one?  Slow Down! Thumbnail
  • Make'a sure you gotta clean undies on! Thumbnail
  • The ham is on'a special...  quick bring'a the truck. Thumbnail
  • Alloo... Who is? Thumbnail
  • Move out?...  you only 36 years old Thumbnail
  • Ma why you not eat?! Thumbnail
  • Eat!!... You too skinny Bones Thumbnail
  • Why you go Restaurant'a...  I'ma restautant'a Thumbnail
  • Look'a Look'a this beitch Thumbnail
  • Allllooooo! Thumbnail
  • You come'a home late you think'a  this'a hotel Thumbnail
  • God please take'a me now! Thumbnail
  • Alright'a! Tarra! Thumbnail
  • Your'a father is'a sheeit Thumbnail
  • This'a no masterchief  this'a mastersheeit Thumbnail
  • You have'a discount for me? I only have'a 5 house i'ma very poor Thumbnail
  • Carlo   Lady   PNG 13 Thumbnail
  • No like'a this, fresh'a now fresh now now! Thumbnail
  • This is'a no for me This is'a pasta for de chinissi Thumbnail
  • If I pay for cash you can'a give'a lil bit disconta? Thumbnail
  • Put on your jacket it'sa cold cold outside! Thumbnail
  • No eat outside I cook'a food here! Thumbnail
  • When you'a gonna bring home a nice'a girl? Thumbnail
  • You stay home until your married! Thumbnail
  • If'a you come'a Home late I kill'a you! Thumbnail
  • Where you go like'a dis, you look'a lika'a  sluts! Thumbnail
  • Shoosh'a Shoosh'a, I watch'a the  bold & the beauty! Thumbnail
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