• When I was your age we no use concrete we use chicken shit Thumbnail
  • Use your knees bend your back open your brains learn something Thumbnail
  • I cana diga hole for the concrete or I cana diga hole you which one you like Thumbnail
  • Free quote itsa cost you 45 dollars Thumbnail
  • My Daddy wasa say  when in doubt  justa putta the concrete Thumbnail
  • I dont a shit if you da foreman or da five man Thumbnail
  • When I wasa your age I shovel the concrete witha no hands Thumbnail
  • I water the concrete all the time fark the water restrictions Thumbnail
  • Whatta you think we make fkina pavlova here Thumbnail
  • Concrete  itsa gotta be made with Love no wham bam thank you Sam Thumbnail
  • Fkina move Ptou you bastard Thumbnail
  • My Bobcat  Was a My wife Thumbnail
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